ex-pe-ri-mence [eck-speer-ee-mence] noun, verb, -menced, -mencing


  1. an experiment that seeks experience to test a theory: Thanks to the experimence, I believe in Basil’s power.
  2. an experience that involves experimenting: I will drink tea and see how my body feels during the experimence.


  1. to practice as an Earth Apprentice: to experimence with a Plant Spirit.
  2. to learn by experimencing.

There are a number of ways an herb can come to you:

* It sparkles when you walk by it,

* It comes to you in meditation,

* Its box at the health food store grabs your eye,

* You read about it during a self diagnose,

* A friend tells you they are using it / a friend tells you to use it,

* You pull it out of your garden bed as a weed so often you think “maybe it’s trying to tell me something”…etc.

My experiments are based on this.  When an herb comes to me and I hear it (sometimes they have to yell) I work with it in an experiment.  I usually read about it first, check out what other herbalists have used it for and what it can help cure.  Then if it applies to me I start using it in the dosage the book advises, or if I purchase it from a store or such, whatever the box suggests.  Once it is in my system I meditate with it.  I have it running through me, so what better time to meet and speak with it?   I listen to my body as well to see what organ systems it is affecting.  All the while taking notes for future endeavors.

Sometimes there is a seemingly random plant/herb that speaks and it doesn’t immediately apply to me.  At this point I have to meditate before ingesting it.  The plant could be telling me to use it in other ways than internally, or telling me that someone else needs it.  Or maybe there is a lonely non-native herb in my garden who wants one of its native sisters to live next to it.  The possibilities are endless.  Thus, some plants require more attention and info-seeking than others.

I wouldn’t say I use the scientific theory in my experiments.  They are so diverse that I can’t use a set of five questions to explain our waltz.  However, the Materia Medica for each plant I experiment with will be set up in an easy to use format.  This way there will be some direction to the chaos of conversations.

Feel free to comment with ways you’ve experienced the herb, or with any questions you may have.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Experimence

  1. Tonight two herbal tonics came to me at Wholefoods in Boston. Bitter and joyous. Somewhere in the experience of those two as examples, I will see if I can find a pure taste. Thank you for your joyous mission. How marvelous!

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