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Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

Parcel Apothecary’s Herbal CSA

I am pleased to announce the launch of Parcel Apothecary! Parcel Apothecary offers an Herbal CSA, rooted in the Small Estate Gardens I tend along the coast of Rhode Island. Continue reading


Welcome Open Heart CSA Members

Bonus: Brain and Soul Food free with your summer membership!

I am excited to help grow your produce this season and happy you came to visit the blog! The Herbal Experiments on this blog have been created in Vermont, so the Wildflowers and Remedies are growing right in your back yard! Click on the Home Page to see my latest posts.
And stay tuned for some ‘Musings from the Field’.

ciao for now

-jessyloo Continue reading


ex-pe-ri-mence [eck-speer-ee-mence] noun, verb, -menced, -mencing -noun an experiment that seeks experience to test a theory: Thanks to the experimence, I believe in Basil’s power. an experience that involves experimenting: I will drink tea and see how my body feels during the experimence. -verb to practice as an Earth Apprentice: to experimence with a Plant … Continue reading

Meditating with Plant Spirits

Herbaloo’s Story at the top of the blog explains how I got to this point of Plant Spirit communicating.  Here’d I’d like to mention more on the process I follow when meditating so you too can experiment! 1. Trail Guide – I choose to bring along a Plant Ally when I meditate.  Sort of like … Continue reading


There are a number of ways an herb can come to you: * It sparkles when you walk by it, * It comes to you in meditation, * Its box at the health food store grabs your eye, * You read about it during a self diagnose, * A friend tells you they are using … Continue reading

Uniquely Loo

Each teacher I’ve learned from has their own unique style and beliefs.  Like farming vegetables, there is a right way to pull carrots for each sower.  So is herbal practice.  There are many spirits to guide you, specific manners in which herbs speak to you and help you create, ways to tend and gather for … Continue reading

New Growth

I have so many ideas for this site!  I have documented my personal herbal endeavors for years and am excited to start blogging them here for you to read.  I am currently putting together a little history so you can get to know me and realize we are one in the same, only different locales.  … Continue reading

Hello World!

A blog I’m starting to record my activities as an apprentice.  I listen to the Earth speak and try to live in harmony.  I have had some training, in the scope of how much there is to learn.  I currently practice on my own and with friends.  I have had several jobs as well working … Continue reading