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3: Fruits

Potassium is a favorite to those plants that give us fruit.  It also helps maintain vitality in the plant.  Be fruitful and multiply [your means of disease resistance]. Bloom where you are planted, my friend.  Set flower and create seeds.  Gather your nutrients and push forth a highly erotic display of color and energy.  Give … Continue reading

2: Shoots

The branches, stalks, limbs, foliage, leaves that absorb sunlight; the shoots need nitrogen to vegetate, to expand and grow closer to the Sun. While living in Prescott, Arizona in 2005 I had a new switch turn on.  The Energy of the Earth.  In my free time I was studying Chakras, or the ever intriguing Rainbow … Continue reading

1: Roots

The roots of a plant will grow exponentially if phosphorus is added to the soil.  With a larger root mass, the plant can match its above ground growth accordingly. More Leg Room = More Head Room. Fresh out of  Portsmouth High School, fresh out of the ol’ Hometown – Green Mountain College was going to … Continue reading

Plant Spirit Medicine – The First Glimpse

As a young lady I explored several paths of herbal healing which spoke to me.  Then I came across the most colorful way to communicate, via Plant Spirit Medicine.  There are many herbalists abound who have also found there niche with Plant Spirits.  That’s not to say that other herbalists don’t practice this.  In fact, … Continue reading