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Meditations with Basil

I had never meditated with either Garden Basil or Tulsi before this experiment.  That is partially why I chose them to work with; a challenge I could learn a lot from!  The other more obvious reason for a Basil Experiment was my current usage of two Ocimum products.  I started trying to contact Basil three … Continue reading

Meditating with Plant Spirits

Herbaloo’s Story at the top of the blog explains how I got to this point of Plant Spirit communicating.  Here’d I’d like to mention more on the process I follow when meditating so you too can experiment! 1. Trail Guide – I choose to bring along a Plant Ally when I meditate.  Sort of like … Continue reading

Tea He He

Yarrow is literally tickling my arm pits!  Achillea millefolium, i love you.