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Nettles checkup

Reading, Reading, Reading.  I found myself knee deep in what others have written about Nettles.  I’ve seen a few Nettles pop up in the garden.  So happy to see them.  I’ve been wanting to be stung, and haven’t.  I went to find my stash of dried Nettles and they are missing!  Am I suppossed to … Continue reading

Has the “Hachoo!” gotchu? [part deux]

I recently listened to a ‘tele-lecture’ led by clinical herbalist Guido Mase, through the Urban Moonshine free herbal education series! His topic: “Natural Solutions to Seasonal Allergies” Guido explained that there are three areas to address when curing the allergy dis-ease: local relief in the upper respiratory – liver function and its efficiency in removing … Continue reading

The Nettles Experiment

Hypothesis: Will an infusion of Urtica dioica (“Stinging Nettles”) , taken as an everyday Tonic, nourish and tone my energy reserves? If I drink a quart of Nettles infusion per week then my energy levels will become balanced throughout the day because Nettles will supply my body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to … Continue reading

Sap’s runnin’

It’s that first scent of Spring kind of sneezy.  The day’s temperatures reach above 40 degrees F and the nights drop below freezing.  The trees start to breathe sap through their sleepy trunks and limbs.  Just thinking of it runs electricty up my spine!  As March approaches like a Lion, and the snow comes and … Continue reading

[oh] Hello Nettles

At a United Plant Savers Conference in Rhode Island, Susun Weed spoke on the wonders of Stinging Nettles ( Urtica dioica ), or Sister Spinster as she calls it in her book Healing Wise.  Her main focus was on its energy-restoring properties.  The results sounded like bliss: Wake up in the morning feeling energized, and … Continue reading