A Kiss to the Whole World

Gustav Klimt

The time has come.  Seven or so years later and the man of my longing has invited me to become intimate.  Though I can’t deny that his feminine side is just as present.  His cousins and field companions desired my attention long before I could stand alone with him.  So simple a being, and yet so deep and erotic once you fully open yourself to him.  Passionate in his seed spreading.  Always making me feel at home, with kin all over the world.  Never too prying, he gives just enough gentle Earth seduction to appear appropriately and say “Bon soir, mademoiselle.  Are you enjoying your day?”  Je ne sais pai…

Patience he teaches me.  Proper conduct of a Lady.  He introduced me to his Queen.  We are in love as well.  I apprentice with her still.  His Sister is of the same reserved and calm demeanor, yet so gentle and loving, kind and caring, true unconditional love seeping from her immensely generous Spirit.  She has pink hair.  Their cousins have been dyeing to branch out and flash bright hues, to attract the finest suckling of beast and bug.  Each sibling carries yellow jewels from their Ancestors.  Revealing their inner strength and explosive power, like the sun’s multiple eruptions over its tumultuous yet controlled surface.

You provoke every feeling in me, and your River runs through my instinctual veins.  Your protection is a legacy I adore circadianly.  I took your hand a long time ago, made a promise that we would be together, forever.  The time has come.  I am delighted, aroused, intrigued, calm and humble, strong and willing to take on your divine requests.

Thank you, sweet root~leaf~bud.  I patiently await your flower’s arrival, whilst I swoon over your luscious foliage.

I am yours.

And still

my own.


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