Spark, Flame, (nov)Ember

My mind is racing!  It’s felt like a while since I’ve had a platform to express what’s flying through my cranium.  As a child, my mother would tell me, “Not everything that goes through your head has to come out your mouth.”  In my personal life, I inch closer to the return of Saturn – and I can tell.  So many changes and giant leaps in life, a racing mind isn’t such a bad thing when in the moment of new beginnings.  Though it can become difficult to relax, and meditation is almost out of the question…

And then comes Winter…Or shall I say Samhain and the second half of Autumn.  The deepest decent into our Earthly starship of space and time – the dark days of winter.  I find it enlightening, actually.  My head is not nearly as hot, so thinking does become a bit clearer, if not completely over-rapid.  Tying up loose ends and bundling up for the season of contemplation.  And with our end-of-the-year holidays (originally of some Earth Religion descent) we bring together communities, friends, and family to celebrate the bounty this past year has brought us.  Thinking fondly of our fellows and offering thank-yous in many forms. Fantastico!

I’ve found that accepting the seasons and their treasures makes each one more tolerable.  Warm soup and zany complicated recipes for a cozy couple of hours in the dark evenings.  Sweaters, blankets, and boots – ‘nough said.  Being creative, seeking adventure in new forms, and spending time on all those “side projects” that will some day swallow me whole!  I make lists – that’s what I do.  I plan ahead, like too many years for it to make any sense when I get there.  But each Winter I get to daydream and motivate myself to check several of them off.  Wonder what I’ll accomplish this Winter…

The spark of an active mind flowing consciousness into reality and visions into action – the flame of our internal fire which motivates us and finds us when we are at the darkest point at the Solstice to give us dancing feet and warm hearts – the ember maintaining its desire to keep fueled long enough to last us through to next Spring, and warm us all Winter.  The Fire Triad.  I embrace the Fire element and encourage you all to take grasp as well over the next few months.

The Silver Maple by my house has lost all of her leaves, but she keeps small red buds all winter to keep her tips warm, and send some cold-induced triggers to her xylem and phloem.  Silently slinking back into the Earth for hibernation, too.  I look to befriend the Conifers in depth.

In true fire passion – a few of my favorite fall foliage fotos …


I invite you to maintain the ritual with sacred spirit in your gatherings and celebrations this season.  May you travel safely, and find harmony in the first snowfall.

xoo, Herbaloo




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